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Information Technology Development in Indonesia

Information Technology is a technology used to process data, by processing, obtaining, compiling, storing, manipulating data in various ways to produce quality information. The information referred to is information that is accurate, relevant, and timely, which is used for personal, business and government purposes. This information has strategic value so that it can be used in decision making.
The development of information technology in Indonesia is strongly influenced by the ability of human resources to understand the components of information technology. To build IT facilities, Indonesia still relies heavily on investors.

The development of technology today is very sophisticated and fast. This can be proven by the many innovations of today, with simple and horrendous world. Technology has existed since ancient times, namely the ancient roman era. Technological developments have developed drastically and continue to evolve until now which is increasingly sophisticated and worldwide.

Technological developments are increasingly advanced, in the past, cellphones were only used for calls and SMS to just ask for news, now cellphones can not only call and sms, but now they can also become a sophisticated mini computer, can be a TV as well as with a smartphone. Indonesia is one of the developing countries in the world with a fairly large technological influence as a consumer technology of other countries. So that Indonesia becomes one of the developed countries and does not develop anymore, the level of technological development in Indonesia must be increased again from the previous one